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Bemfsafe's Eric Brandt Responds:

"Reflections Upon KTVB’s Verify News Report on EMF Radiation"  

The summary topic points you’ll find in this commentary are:

An overview of KTVB’s Verify report on EMFs

Assessing EMF radiation with scientific meters

How intelligent is replacing analog meters with Smart Meters

Live Blood Cell analysis – a POV

Electro Hyper-Sensitive (EHS) individuals and testing

The many existing EMF scientific studies

How EMF radiation affects the body’s biochemistry

Links to videos of doctors and EMF researcher’s presentations

Potentially dangerous 5G technology developing around the world

 KTVB’s Verify news reporter Tami Tremblay aired a report on Feb. 9th regarding EMF radiation (electromagnetic field). It attempted to answer these two questions –“Is your brain being zapped by all those electrical gizmos you use day in and day out at home and at work,” and “Are electromagnetic fields bad for your health?”

 This report was shown on the evening news the evening after the documentary film about EMF radiation, “Generation Zapped” was screened at the Overland Park Cinema in Boise. Tami states that the film clearly says yes to the above two questions about EMF dangers.

 Tami interviewed several people with some knowledge of EMFs for this report, including Kim Danaurand from Hayden ID. He has suffered from EMF radiation, which led him to invent a sticker he calls “The Neutralizer” and also a “Whole House Plug” to protect people from the radiation. He sells these products through his company called Aulterra. Kim says these devices have helped his health in many ways and are helping many other people too. He demonstrated to Tami the studies of how blood cells can change when viewed under a microscope when under the influence of EMFs before, during and after using the Neutralizer – seemingly protecting one from the EMF radiation.

 Another person Tami interviewed was Dr. Anacker, a chiropractor who also believes that EMFs are concerning and that they ought to be well-tested before being put out on the market for people to use. She also thinks the Neutralizer can help protect people. However, she uses, suggests using and sells the Smartdot units to her clients for protection. It is similar in some ways to the Neutralizer in that it’s a small device that is suppose to transform the incoming radiation so that it changes it to not being damaging to ones body. She feels it’s important for each person to trust their own experience and to feel the difference when using and not using EMF protection devices.

 The other person Tami interviewed was Elab Marji, a physics professor at CWI’s lab who stated that there’s always been natural sourced EMFs that humanity has had to deal with, but there’s now many manmade EMFs too. He’s not sure that the “Neutralizer” sticker that Kim produces is able to do what it claims to do in protecting your health from the EMFs.

 Tami reported that France and some other countries are cutting back on their use of EMF devices in schools by turning off the wi-fi when not in use, not allowing wi-fi in nurseries or preschools and libraries switching back to wired technology.

 Tami’s report was a fairly balanced assessment that did shed some light on the topic and pointed out that there are some possibly harmful elements that the increasing amounts of manmade EMF radiation are exposing everyone to. Besides using the Neutralizer and Smartdot for possible protection against EMF radiation, the report also offered several other ways for safer use of EMFs including: turning off the wi-fi when not in use, putting your cell phone in “airplane mode” when not using it and limiting the amount of time your family uses tablets when connected to wi-fi.

 She mentioned that there is now a group set up by the World Health Organization (WHO) called The EMF Project that will do more research into the EMF radiation issue.

 It was inspiring and progressive to see KTVB and Tami being willing to take a look into this very important and highly debatable issue. Tami could, if she chooses to, is able to, and really wants to understand this important issue in a much more deep way by going into and exploring the following related areas:

 The main way to determine what the EMFs are in an area, such as ones house or office, is to use EMF meters for measuring the four commonly known sources of EMF radiation. They are Electric, Magnetic, RF or Radio Frequency and Dirty Electricity. By using these meters a person can scientifically see, and sometimes hear, the EMF’s coming off of the device or in the area. Once one knows what the EMF levels are you can then work with how best to protect yourself by getting the right distance between the source and yourself or shielding yourself from it in some way.  Or, you can stop using wifi based cell and cordless phones, Smart Meters and other wifi devices completely. An easy fix is switching over to using an ethernet cord for your computer internet service and utilizing wired landline phones.

 You can hire professional EMF safety technicians to do the EMF assessment and corrections for your home or office and/or you can get educated and buy the meters to do this process yourself.

 One big source of RF radiation are the digital “Smart Meters” that have been installed and are replacing the older analog meters throughout the US and Canada.  In a lot of states the power companies demand that people accept the change to Smart Meters. Many people have been opposed to them being put in and are “opting out.” In some cases and states this change has created a lot of stress and friction, as there are sound reasons for not wanting to have Smart Meters around ones home or office.

 The main issue has to do with the high RF radiation they emit intermittently, which has been a source of suffering, to varying degrees, for some being closely exposed to their radiation. Not everyone is effected the same and many people don’t realize the connection between their unpleasant health symptoms and the quite possible source for that dis-ease being due to the EMFs around them.

 Other key issues concerning these Smart Meters are that they have tended to catch on fire at times - one just did here in the valley that I just heard about. One never knows when that could happen and it’s safer to have the old analogue meters.

 Another issue is that the Smart Meters are quite invasive in their ability to track the use of every electronic device connected to that meter. The ‘’collecting” of this usage data can be and is being used by companies, without the consent of those who are being “gleaned”. A lot of people prefer to have some degree of privacy in their personal spaces.

 Here’s a note and links below from one of my teachers Oram Miller that offers an excellent overview about the Smart Meters and how to protect yourself.

To view a press release entitled, "The American Academy of Environmental Medicine Calls for Immediate Caution regarding Smart Meter Installation," click here. Also see below for links to websites on smart meters and information on ways to shield yourself from the radio frequencies from smart meters.

 Regarding the live blood cell analysis of determining if a device such as whether Kim’s Neutralizer is actually showing accurate results is questionable. There are short documentaries on youtube that show how easy it is for live blood cell analysis to invalid and inaccurate. I’m not saying live blood cell analysis can’t be valid and maybe Kim’s is totally accurate.

 The live blood cell testing would ideally be done by an independent research medical professional with no agenda on the outcome. They would film and show the entire area where the blood cells are on the slide and how the blood cells changed (if they do) while being exposed and unexposed to the various EMF radiation frequencies. This manner of testing would be much more impressive and believable.

 Another way to test these types of devices that supposedly “transform” the incoming EMF radiation to not being harmful to our bodies would be to test people who are actually EHS (electro hyper sensitive).  And, do testing with them using various medical devices that measure they’re heart rate and other physiological tests, to see how they react to the radiation when around it and using the various pendants, stickers, medallions, stones and other units that claim to work well for protecting those using them. Besides the scientific testing these EHS people would also be able to share their inner experience in terms of mental/emotional/physical states of being in relation to the EMF radiation they are “marinating in” for the testing.

 There has been and is an increasing amount of scientific research being done already (for many years) to study the effects of EMFs on people, mice, rats, plants, and insects – among other biological beings. It’s great that the WHO is starting to study the EMF issue. However, the immense amount of research that has already been done is a great place to start exploring and thoroughly looking into.

 One website to explore some of the scientific research is; www.bioinitiative.org  which was first put together in 2007 and then more research added in 2012. It has around 2000 new studies by 29 independent scientists and health experts from around the world reporting bio-effects and adverse health effects of electromagnetic fields and wireless technologies. Now, six years later, there has been many more studies done that can be easily accessed – if one takes a few minutes to look for them.

 A listing of over 100 studies showing adverse health effects from the use of Wi-Fi has been put together by Kevin Mottus of the California Brain Tumor Association. To see the list, click here.

 Some of the leading researchers of EMFs have many videos on youtube one can explore and check on their sources and work.  One of these is Dr. Martin Pall who talks extensively about the VGCC’s or voltage gated calcium channels, which are how EMF’s effect the cells of our bodies. Briefly, EMF’s activate these VGCC’s, which are channels in the outer membrane of cells, to open allowing more calcium ions into the cells creating excessive intracellular levels of calcium. They also cause increases in calcium signaling, which causes increases in nitric oxide and can react with super oxide and can then form peroxynitrites. These peroxynitrites can then break down into free radicals that cause excessive oxidative stress, which is one of the bases of nearly every known disease.  This chemistry analysis of EMF radiation does get quite involved and detailed, so I won’t go into further at this point. However, here’s the link to a great interview that Dr. Mercola does with Dr. Pall where you can hear the details in full from these astute scientists and doctors:


 Another longtime EMF researcher is Dr. Martin Blank who states the exposures to EMF radiation does affect our body’s tissues and functioning. Here’s an excellent interview with him that gives you some historical evidence of EMF radiation dangers. You can find it on youtube at this link:  



Other important EMF researchers with a number of educational videos on youtube are: Dr. Magda Havaas, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Sam Milham. Anyone, with even a casual interest in this very important health topic, ought to take a little time to watch some of their excellent videos.

 The last area I’ll include in this overview commentary is that of 5G technology, which is being introduced now in some US cities. It is planned by the US government to be rolled out soon for the entire US. Many other countries are also looking into utilizing it too. 5G stands for “5th generation” of cellular technology. The RF technology has been developing quickly over the last 50 years starting with 1G back in 1970 and has progressed since then with the next experimental generation of cellular technology to where we are now seeing 5G being used. I use the word “experimental” because frequently the case has been that very little safety testing has been done to uncover what the effects these EMF frequencies have had or will have on all living organisms in their broadcast path. 

 5G promises to bring with it some attractive benefits such as super-fast download speeds and immense connectivity nearly everywhere on the planet while serving 100 billion devices. Initially these “improvements” are quite inviting to embrace for everyone interested in these benefits to improve their use of the devices they’ve grown to love and be dependent upon.

 However, 5G is potentially quite dangerous because of many reasons. The two website links below will spell out those dangers very clearly with good overview graphics and charts to view.  I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to read and view the info on these sites, as they are very interesting and informative based on existing scientific studies.  https://www.electricsense.com/12399/5g-radiation-dangers/      http://www.scientists4wiredtech.com 

 All the videos and websites I’ve included in this letter will greatly expand your knowledge and awareness, and offer you many ways to protect you and yours from the dangers of excessive manmade EMF radiation (including your pets, plants and the entire ecosystem).

 In summary, I suggest reporter Tami Trembley and the KTVB staff, and anyone else, who is interested in this very important issue – to explore it much more fully then you have done with your initial investigation and report. I also invite Tami to interview myself and others who are more knowledgeable on this topic.  

You’ve really only seen the tip of the EMF radiation volcano. By looking deeper we can then avoid the dangers. Dare to explore and become aware, so that you can act with greater wisdom.


To the health and well-being of all,

Eric Brandt